Autonomous Vehicles

The World, As We Knew it

The turn of the century and the advent of the ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) age has seen an unprecedented development in the way we interact with the outside world. What has changed here is not limited to the mode of human interaction, even the machines are learning to interact with humans and machines alike, thanks to the IoT or the Internet of Things which is changing our life every day. Probably the biggest development (after mobile communication devices) that we see today is in the field of transportation.

Transportation plays a major factor in the development of an economy. Not long back, we had trucks and buses that were noisy, had manual controls, required huge maintenance and were a big source of pollution on our roads. These vehicles have now been replaced by smart buses and trucks that are way more efficient than their predecessors, can carry far more load and are constantly connected to each other and the control room by technologies such as GPS and internet. They are now easier to maintain and are fast becoming pollution-less by shifting from fossil fuels to battery-powered vehicles. Artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI, is bound to affect our transportation in a big way, and sooner that we can imagine. Given the fact that Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing happening to the industry, it is pertinent for innovators to sit up and pay attention to the disruptors that are headed their way. The latest in the area of AI to disrupt transportation are the autonomous vehicles, and in the forefront is Kelpie, being developed by Agent Oriented Software (AOS) in partnership with the Australian Centre of Robotic Vision at QUT in Brisbane.

Kelpie, From AOS

Kelpie Autonomous Ground Vehicle

Kelpie is a range of multi-purpose autonomous vehicles based upon an autonomy architecture developed by Agent Oriented Software (AOS). AOS is currently partnering with the Australian Defence Forces in conjunction with the Australian Centre of Robotic Vision at QUT in Brisbane to develop various autonomous vehicle solutions that would reduce human efforts in less productive transportation activities, while ensuring error rates that are far lower than those resulting from human decision making.

At Avalon 2019, AOS is displaying its Kelpie™ Multi-purpose Autonomous Ground Vehicle at the RAAF Plan Jericho ‘At the Edge’ precinct, located in the C-17.