AOS Supporting the Next Generation of Engineers

At the beginning of 2020, to support the company’s growth plans, AOS engaged two engineering interns via a partnership with Monash University’s Co-op Program. Meet Bryan Varic Gunawan and Nir Nikolaevsky.

Bryan (left) and Nir (right) standing next to the second-generation Kelpie

Both students have been employed helping with AOS’s most recent Kelpie autonomous vehicle. Bryan and Nir are making substantial contributions to projects, working with experienced engineers and learning essential project management principles. Mentoring the students is Nathan Hamilton, AOS’s Principal Robotics Engineer. Having a senior engineer look over the students’ work provides them with valuable feedback and a better understanding of industry standards.

Bryan is a software engineering student, preparing to commence his penultimate year. Bryan spent the majority of his time developing the “Pug”. The Pug is a small autonomous platform for emulating moving obstacles and allowing automated testing of the Kelpie’s obstacle avoidance capability. Bryan designed and developed software to allow for control and testing of the Pug and the Kelpie.

Nir is a mechatronics engineering and commerce student in his final year of studies. Nir has taken part in both technical and commercial aspects of the business. Nir’s internship included working on the NVIDIA Xavier, a low-power embedded GPU computing platform that will be used for Kelpie’s vision processing AI. This included setup, testing and validation. At the same time, Nir took part in keeping AOS’s website up-to-date with news articles and helping transform AOS-produced white papers to viable marketing documents.

Nir generating a 3D point cloud for incoming footage on the NVIDIA Xavier (left) and Bryan constructing and testing the new Pug chassis (right)