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Agent Oriented Software – the Australian AI company since 1997.

AOS is a software and robotics company specialising in autonomous and intelligent systems.

Its Australian-developed “Beliefs, Desires and Intentions”, or BDI, intelligent software agent technology provides the foundation for machines and systems capable of rational reasoning. This allows humans to understand why the autonomous system did what it did, generating trust and providing the means to achieve the US Defense Department DARPA’s goal of Explainable AI.

AOS markets JACK®, a multi-agent software development platform, which developers can use to produce intelligent software and decision applications. AOS is developing C-BDI™, to be released in early 2020, which is AOS’s flagship 4th generation BDI software platform for intelligent agents and decision-making systems. AOS is going further, and with its C-BDI Resilient Agent Teams™, is producing a world-first capability for building teams of software agents that work with humans as a human/autonomous machines team, to be released in 2021.

AOS is developing its Kelpie range of autonomous, off-road ground vehicles, for both defence and agricultural applications.

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Agent Oriented Software – the Australian AI company since 1997 – was founded to develop software products based on the concept of intelligent software agents. These agents, known as BDI, or Beliefs, Desires and Intentions agents, draw from the theories of rational agency, first proposed by Stanford philosopher Michael Bratman in the 1980s. We have realised that aim and now produce intelligent agent software products, and applications, including the development of a range of autonomous, off road, ground vehicles.

Dr Andrew Lucas, Founder of AOS

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