JACK Release Notes


This release adds significant enhancements to the graphical user interfaces provided with JACK as well as improvements to the JACK® compiler and runtime.

Design Tracing: This is the most significant addition to JACK. After configuring the JDE to trace certain diagrams, it can connect to a running JACK application and when any transitions occur that match links in the diagram they will be highlighted.

New Internal Text Editor: The old internal text editing tool has been replaced. The new editor has search capability, multiple undo, line numbering, and syntax highlighting. The previous internal editor did not work under Mac OS X.

New Toolbar: A new toolbar provides shortcuts to many useful functions.

Edit as JACK File: Now handles wildcard imports properly. Many other fixes and improvements have been made to the "Edit as JACK File" functionality.

Context Menu In Design Tool: Design Tool objects and links now have a context menu available. The context menu on an entity allows you to "Edit...", "Edit as JACK File...", "Remove from Diagram" or "Remove from Project...". The context menu on a link allows you to remove or edit the link.

Improved Help Menu: The Help menu now contains options for looking at the supplied JACK documentation and for accessing the Agent Oriented Software home page on the internet, using the default browser. The code examples have been improved with more design diagrams added etc.

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