Upcoming Events:  AOS at Game Developers Conference and BRIMS 2009

GDC09AOS has been invited to participate in the Serious Games Summit, part of this year’s Game Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco (23-27 March).

Matteo Pedrotti and Andy Park will present our CoJACK/VBS2 demonstration at the Summit’s ‘Democade’ at 5pm on Tuesday, 24 March. Version 1 of this demo was presented at the I/ITSEC 2008 conference in December and Matteo has since produced Version 2 for debut at the Summit.

This year’s BRIMS conference (Behavior Representation in Modeling & Simulation) is being held in Sundance, Utah (30 March – 2 April) and our paper on the CoJACK-VBS2 integration, “Populating VBS2 with Realistic Virtual Actors” will be presented by co-author Frank Ritter from the Penn State University.

Timing for Prof. Ritter’s presentation is 3:30pm on Wednesday, 1 April.

For more information on our CoJACK/VBS2 integration, see previous news item CoJACK/VBS2 at I/ITSEC 2008.

For more information on our paper at BRIMS, plus an abstract, see previous news item AOS Presentation at BRIMS 2009.

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