Second Simulation Showcase in London


AOS staff were busy in Crosswall’s America Square demonstrating the latest version of the CoJACK-VBS2 integration at the Second Simulation Showcase, Assessing Applications, “The Solution Space” held in early October.

The first Showcase was held in July and this follow-up event repeated the summer’s success. Sponsored again by the Aerospace & Defence Knowledge Transfer Network partnered with the Simulation & Synthetic Environments National Technical Committee, The Solution Space attracted an enthusiastic audience from government agencies, the business community and academia.

The purpose behind The Solution Space was two-fold: discuss government simulation challenges with business and academia and promote collaboration and knowledge transfer during networking sessions.

The day’s programme included addresses by government and industry notables, panel discussions and an exhibition of cutting edge simulation capability by some 13 companies.

 Representing AOS at the event and demonstrating CoJACK-VBS2 were Andrew Lucas, Rick Evertsz, Matteo Pedrotti and Will Glover. 

“We were flat out most of the day,” said Will Glover. “The crowd around the stand never seemed to diminish and interest in the demo was great, especially with Matteo adjusting the fear moderator levels and the simulated crowd entities autonomously adjusting their behaviours in response.”

For further information on the CoJACK-VBS2 integration see previous news item: AOS at SimTecT 2009.

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