RAeS UAS Conference 2011

UAS Conference 2011 Programme

This year, AOS is presenting at the Royal Aeronautical Society's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Conference. AOS Group CEO, Dr Andrew Lucas, will be presenting the paper "ASTRAEA – Autonomous Operations in Icing Conditions".

The conference brings together leading regulatory and technology experts and tackles four major themes:

  • International Regulatory Framework Progress
  • Key Infrastructure and Safety Requirements
  • UAS Operation and Application Progress
  • Technology Maturity

The conference runs from October 25th to 26th, 2011.

Presentation Overview

Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) are growing very rapidly. Once a curiosity, UAS are now an integral part of both strategic and tactical operations. There is a growing expectation that UAS will be available 24/7 whatever the weather. Consequently UAS, both unmanned, ground-controlled systems, as well as autonomous ones, will operate in a range of weather conditions similar to those experienced by manned aircraft.

One of the most pernicious airborne hazards to be experienced is icing, the aircraft encounters atmospheric conditions where the water in the atmosphere strikes parts of the aircraft and freezes soon after contact. The result can be catastrophic, including loss of control, loss of lift, power failure or instrument error/failure.

Autonomous UAS will operate in similar flight conditions to these aircraft and consequently icing will be an equally severe problem. Dr Lucas will present progress on the development of an autonomous capability to handle the challenges of flight in icing conditions.

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