New Project for AOS UK

AOS UK has teamed with IBM (Prime) for one of five DEWC IP (Defence Electronic Warfare Centre Improvement Programme) project concept/assessment studies for the UK Ministry of Defence. These studies are investigating & evaluating methods for enhancing the functionality and operation of the Electronic Warfare databases in the UK Defence Electronic Warfare Centre (DEWC).

Based at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, DEWC provides electronic warfare support to the UK armed forces by providing timely, pertinent information, as required, to UK defence systems and equipments.

The goal of the DEWC IP studies is to assess the current database systems, technologies and methodologies at the DEWC and suggest plans to enhance the speed, efficiency, integrity and precision of the data collation and output. With many linked databases and information systems tools involved, JACK’s intelligent agents are being employed with promising results and a demonstration will be presented to the UK MoD in about six weeks (end February).

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