Italian Videogame Developers Conference

scenario_end_3DThe first Italian Videogame Developers Conference (IVDC) was held today in Milan hosted by the Italian Association for Videogame Culture. Representatives from all of Italy’s major video games development companies attended, including the two leading publishers, Black Bean Games and 505 Games, along with some 500 game developer professionals. 

Paolo Busetta and Matteo Pedrotti from AOS’s Trento office were there to preview the new CoJACK/VBS2 demonstration, where VBS2 entities are controlled by CoJACK agents. With CoJACK at the helm, the virtual civilans in VBS2 act more like real people in a dynamic marketplace environment – their level of fear increases when threats are present and they react by moving to cover. When their fear level decreases over time, they autonomously return to the market stalls.

The main threat they face is a suicide bomber disguised as a civilian. The bomber also acts autonomously; its goal is to detonate the bomb so as to take out the maximum number of bystanders. 

Not surprisingly, this is an exciting demonstration to watch. Demos were run all day, with congratulations galore from those who watched. Paolo explained that realistic virtual actors are seen as the new frontier in computer games. The graphics and physics problems are largely solved, so everyone in games is now turning their attention to realistic human behaviour.

Further detail on CoJACK is available here

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