I/ITSEC 2009 Review


This year’s I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference) was a great success for AOS. Company reps Andrew Lucas, Matteo Pedrotti and Andy Park talked to at least a hundred interested visitors and presented dozens of CoJACK-VBS2 demos during the 27 hours of exhibition time spread over four days.

This year, our game demonstrations featured two scenarios, an Iraqi marketplace and a downtown London plaza. In the former, some 30 CoJACK virtual civilians are stalked by a suicide bomber (also a CoJACK agent) while a player-controlled soldier patrols the area. The player-soldier’s challenge is to identify the bomber by observing the civilians’ behaviours as they detect the bomber and move away.


In the London plaza scenario, CoJACK virtual shoppers-business people move about the plaza until a PA announcement warns them of a suspected package bomb. The CoJACK agents react by vacating the plaza temporarily while a player-controlled policeman and his CoJACK agent bomb-sniffing dog enter the plaza to search for the bomb. The player challenges here are crowd control, finding the bomb, observing shoppers and business people for suspicious behaviour and interviewing anyone suspicious.


After many weeks of demo preparation for this conference, viewer reaction was very rewarding as most people understood the significance of the CoJACK virtual actors’ responses. Being unscripted, the agents moved independently and autonomously in response to what is going on around them and these human-like reactions gave the demos both an exceptional ‘real-life’ feel and an extra layer of credibility as a training tool.

In fact, viewer reaction was so positive that AOS was invited to present the demos to a group of distinguished government visitors at Camp Pendleton, near San Diego, on December 10th. Our demo will be part of the FITE JCTD Spiral 1 Technical Demonstration (http://www.fitejctd.com/1.html). Please watch this space next week for a report on the day’s events.

AOS would like to thank Team Australia and the Australian Embassy in Washington, D.C. for their support at I/ITSEC’09. And special thanks to Carly Stevens, Max Britton and Peter Hill (Team Australia) and Aurelio Azpiazu, Amy Coull and Charlene Mahoney (Embassy of Australia) for their on-site assistance.

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