I/ITSEC 2008


Orlando, Florida; 1-4 December: This year, the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) was larger and, by all reports, even better attended than last year. Held annually in the giant Orange County Convention Center, I/ITSEC attracts all branches of the US military and a variety of defence-related US industries. In addition, there’s a large representation of the military and industry from other countries including Canada, the UK, Australia, Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

AOS has been a ‘regular’ since 2002 and this year we debuted our CoJACK/VBS2 (Virtual Battlespace 2) integration. AOS shared the Australian Department of Defence stand and, conveniently next door, was the Calytrix and Bohemia stand, the latter being the developers of VBS2.

Interested visitors moved between Bohemia demos and ours and Matteo Pedrotti (AOS) was almost constantly presenting to the likes of the Marine Corps, the Army’s PEO STRI, JFCOM (Joint Forces Command), UK MoD, DSTO (Australia), Northrop Grumman and Defence Research & Development Canada. 


Audience reaction at I/ITSEC closely mirrored that of IVDC. People kept coming back for second looks and all agreed that realistic human behaviour was badly needed in simulations and the integration of CoJACK improved VBS2 remarkably. In fact, an Iraq War veteran, after watching the demo several times, complimented Matteo on his marketplace scenario, then suggested further refinements based on his own experiences.

I/ITSEC was one of our most successful and rewarding conferences of 2008 and AOS would like to thank our stand host, Max Britton, Australian Department of Defence, plus Andy Park, Phillip Rechter and Matteo Pedrotti for their outstanding four-day effort.

For more details on the CoJACK/VBS2 integration and marketplace scenario, please see the previous news item, Italian Videogame Developers Conference, and the synopsis of a recent article in the Italian GAMEPRO magazine

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