CoJACK at Camp Pendleton


Andrew Lucas and Andy Park represented AOS at the FITE JCTD Spiral 1 Technical Demonstration ( held last week at the US Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton, near San Mateo in Southern California.

AOS was one of only 11 companies invited to demonstrate their latest technology to distinguished government visitors. These VIPs were observing first-hand the USMC’s cutting-edge Infantry Immersive Trainer (IIT) program for recruits about to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The program’s Tech Demo Excursions, held on Dec 11th, gave VIPs the opportunity to circulate among the 11 exhibits, talk to the demonstrators, watch their demonstrations, ask questions and/or discuss the technology. Andrew and Andy were very pleased with the response to their CoJACK-VBS2 integration scenarios. The Iraqi marketplace and the London city plaza, populated by dozens of CoJACK-agent ‘virtual civilians’, were the perfect backdrop for tracking a suicide bomber and a package bomb, respectively. 

In fact, the most asked-about CoJACK agent wasn’t even human – it was the London bobbie’s bomb-sniffing dog. “People were fascinated by the way CoJACK moderators controlled the dog,” Andrew explained. “While one tells the dog to chase the perpetrator, another tells the dog to stay near his master. During the course of the game, these moderators push back and forth and the virtual dog reacts much like a real dog would.”

AOS would like to thank Clarke Lethin, FITE JCTD Technical Manager and Pete Muller, Deputy Technical Manager, for both their invitation to attend and their hospitality at this excellent training event.

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