AUVSI North America Update


After four hectic days of panel discussions, presentations, keynote addresses, meetings, box lunches and hurried cappuccinos, Andrew Lucas and Andy Park reported this year’s AUVSI conference (16 – 19 August) as certainly the busiest and hopefully the most rewarding ever.

With 510 exhibitors and 8,000+ regular attendees, AUVSI management confirmed this year’s event broke all their previous records, exhibitor numbers up by about 6% and attendance figures up by about 20%.

Of course these gains reflect the growing interest in all vehicles unmanned. Predator and Global Hawk UAVs are now constantly in the news and Google is testing self-driving Prius hybrids and hosting a US$30M Lunar X Prize competition for unmanned moon rovers.

Exciting times, indeed, for unmanned vehicles and it will only get better.

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