AOS on Stand 741 at I/ITSEC 2009

IITSEC 2009 Stand

AOS is on stand no. 741 at I/ITSEC 2009 (Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference) and this first day was a great success.

Andrew Lucas, Matteo Pedrotti and Andy Park are representing the company and they're showing two live demos of CoJACK-VBS2 integration scenarios. One is a new version of the suicide bomber demo with richer behaviour and double the number of virtual actors. The other is an all-new homeland defence scenario set in a city plaza and featuring civilians and security police interacting during a package bomb search.

In the homeland defence (counter-terrorism) scenario, the city plaza is populated by virtual actors of various kinds, including shoppers, tourists, workers, family groups and a terrorist performing reconnaissance. The behaviour of each virtual actor depends on a number of factors, including its goals, emotional state and the events that occur in the scenario. For example, a worker who is in a hurry will react with irritation if delayed by security; in contrast, a tourist will happily wait until allowed to proceed. The reconnaissance terrorist has a specific mission to determine the best place to conceal an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) with a view to maximising casualties.  He is working according to a surveillance plan that has been well rehearsed. This plan can be disrupted by security in various ways, including making it obvious to the terrorist that he is being observed. This disruption affects the terrorist because his level of fear increases, causing him to adopt activities that reduce his level of anxiety (e.g., moving away from security, or mimicking the behaviour of a stereotypical tourist). CoJACK drives the behaviour of all of the entities embedded in VBS2, with the trainee playing the part of security.

INSTINCT people running

Both demos were very well received by viewers and both ran flawlessly – a perfect start to this four-day conference.

Watch this space next week for a full review of AOS at I/ITSEC'09.

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