AOS Visits the PSA, Norway


The PSA (Petroleum Safety Authority), is the independent government regulatory authority for the safety of all petroleum-related operations in Norway.

AOS recently visited the PSA to discuss its work on developing autonomous software for safety critical applications. There is a renewed focus on improving the overall safety of petroleum plants after the Gulf of Mexico disaster. Increased scarcity of oil supply coupled with robust demand has led to a need to develop oil fields in more remote and environmentally hostile areas. These harsh environments have created a pressing need for autonomous software that minimises the reliance on human operators.

As AOS is the world leader in autonomous software systems for safety critical applications, the PSA invited AOS to visit its offices in Stavanger (pictured above) and discuss its technology. Of particular interest to the PSA was AOS's experience in the development of a regulatory framework for UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) in civilian airspace.

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