AOS Awarded Commercialisation Australia Funding

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AOS was recently awarded $235,000 in funding through the Australian Government's Commercialisation Australia initiative. This highly contested funding program supports Australia's most innovative entrepreneurs and researchers in bringing their ideas to commercial fruition.

The recent BP drilling rig disaster has heightened awareness of the need for intelligent, critical decision-making drilling control systems that are not subject to human error. AOS has developed the Hydrate – Intelligent Watchdog (H-iWD) to assist and advise the operators of risks during oil drilling and extraction. Funding from Commercialisation Australia will enable AOS to develop a working prototype of the H-iWD.


AOS has a strong track record in developing autonomous software for demanding applications that, in the past, have relied upon expert human decision makers. In particular, its new software platform, C-BDI, is designed for safety critical applications, where human error can lead to catastrophic consequences.

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