The Artificial Intelligence of CoJACK

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This article is in the December 2008 edition of GAME PRO, an Italian monthly magazine for games developers and users.

Click on the image to view the scanned article (536k). This article is in Italian.

Synopsis: Although it's common to see video games being used by the military, it is not so common to see military software being used for video games. There are video games that simulate armed conflict scenarios (e.g. Brothers in Arms, Operation Flashpoint), but AOS's insight was to bring an application developed for military purposes to the world of video games.

AOS Group specialises in autonomous reasoning systems, typically used to implement virtual actors for military simulation and training. Founded in 1997, the company's mission was to create decision-making components for autonomous systems. AOS's first major client was DSTO (Australia's Defence Science and Technology Organisation). AOS's first product, JACK®, was released in 1998 and has been used in industry as well as for military and academic research.

AOS's current objective is to apply its AI platform to video games and virtual environments requiring NPCs (Non-Player Characters). To this end, AOS developed CoJACK™ – a cognitive architecture for simulating human behaviour in virtual environments. CoJACK was demonstrated at the Italian Videogame Developers Conference, held at the Assago (Milan) DatchForum on 22nd November 2008.

Andrew Lucas, Paolo Busetta and Matteo Pedrotti demonstrated CoJACK integrated with VBS2. AOS's integration with VBS2 is still in progress, but CoJACK will be offered to video game developers who are interested in adding more realistic virtual actors to their products.

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