Serious Games and Virtual Actors

Serious Games is the field that applies games technology for purposes other than entertainment, for example in military simulation. AOS's technology provides a means to implement believable human virtual actors in games environments.

The Artificial Intelligence of CoJACK

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This article is in the December 2008 edition of GAME PRO, an Italian monthly magazine for games developers and users.

Click on the image to view the scanned article (536k). This article is in Italian.

Virtual Agents (AAMAS 2003 Report in APC Mag)

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Report from the 2nd annual Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems conference (AAMAS 2003). Reproduced with permission from Australian Personal Computer magazine.

Click on the image to download the scanned article (1.4MB)

Intelligent Virtual Actors (The Bulletin)

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Article by David Braue, reproduced with permission from The Bulletin magazine, September 16, 2003. "Semi-intelligent virtual agents displaying their own independent behaviour are coming to a life-size screen near you." …

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