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AOS supplies products for building, running and integrating commercial-grade multi-agent systems, built on a sound logical foundation: BDI (Beliefs, Desires, Intentions). BDI is an intuitive and powerful abstraction that allows developers to manage the complexity of the problem. Agents are defined in terms of their beliefs (what they know and what they know how to do), their desires (what goals they would like to achieve), and their intentions (the goals they are currently committed to achieving).

Although one can ascribe beliefs, desires and intentions to any system (e.g. a light switch), it is most useful when applied to entities whose structure is incompletely known. For example, with a light switch BDI doesn't buy us anything because we have a simpler, mechanistic description of its behaviour. However, when designing an intelligent agent that must interact with an ever-changing environment, it helps to think in terms of the agent's beliefs, desires and intentions. It is an intuitive abstraction that has proven its worth over the last two decades.

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